Claves para decorar tu oficina con arte

Tips - Decorating your office with ART

Here are our 5 tips when decorating your professional space. The office is one of the places where we spend more time in our day to day and therefore we have to take care of its decoration in the same way we take care of our home. 

1.Take care of the color scheme of the room. 

What you do not want is to end up overloading the environment, play with the color of the walls and furniture to create a greater harmony between the elements.

2. Place the pieces at eye level. 

We do not want to give a feeling of disorder so we have to take care of the organization and the height at which we place the pieces. The rule is that the base of the work is 1.3m from the floor.

3. Place a central piece per room 

The work environments have to be relaxed and not overloaded, select only one central piece per room and if you wish select others of less size for the remaining walls. In this situation less is more. 

4. Don't leave out other factors 

A good piece of signature photography has to be accompanied by other elements such as small vases, 

5. B&W is a safe bet 

If you want to play it safe, a black and white piece is a safe bet to give substance to the room and maintain professionalism. 

Monk in Solitude, by Tatiana G. Bessa

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