Recomendaciones por estancias - II

Recommendations by room

Each room has its own atmosphere, its own essence that must be safeguarded and supported with the the decoration we choose. Choosing a piece of art for each room is hard work, but here are some tips on how to select the perfect piece.


The bedroom is where we have the strongest connection emotionally, it is our sanctuary. It is the place where we have to invest in unique pieces that support the harmony of the environment and maintain the cozy and calm touch we are looking for.

We recommend works with natural colors that invite you to breathe and curl up in bed. Pleasant landscapes and soft abstracts are perfect choices for the bedroom. It is key to create harmony in line with the tones of the bedding to further accentuate the harmonious atmosphere.

Key points

  • Invest in art for the bedroom
  • Choose relaxing pieces
  • Match the colors of your bedding and pillows


The versatility that exists in the living room allows us to play with different sizes and styles. We can get creative, with pops of color and even adding gallery-style artwork if the room allows. Canvases are a safe bet and if we dare, a glass-covered print is a perfect bet.

A perfect place to place the reigning artwork is above the main sofa, a large brightly colored piece that coordinates with the color of a decor element in the room.

Key Points

  • Create a gallery wall
  • Think texture


We should not limit the artwork to the rest of the house, the kitchen was previously considered one of the "forbidden" rooms where art did not enter and now we have changed the perspective.

In this room we have to contribute for the practical, that is to say, no works of art with glass or methacrylate covers because they would get dirty quickly. The designs with fruits or landscapes with soft and muted colors are the perfect match.

Key Points

  • Be practical with clutter
  • Go for playfulness
  • Choose small frames and muted colors


Take the opportunity to make noise and bring out your colorful side, both with the furniture and the art you choose is your time to be bold.

Oversized artwork with bright colors that play with the lighting in the room.

Key Points

  • Don't be afraid to go bold
  • Play with lighting
  • Vivid colors