Legal Notice

In compliance with the obligation to provide the information stipulated in Law 34/2002 on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (LSSI-CE) of 11 July, the following general information on this website is provided below.

The website (hereinafter referred to as"the Website") is operated by:

Proprietor: Tato FotografíaS.L., with tax identification number B06845168; registered office at Avda.Fuerzas Armadas 106, 28055, Madrid and entered in the Madrid Trade Register T42077 F151 S8 HM745017.


This Legal Notice regulatesthe access, browsing and use of the Website, as well as the responsibilitiesderived from the use of its contents (understanding "contents" tomean texts, graphics, drawings, designs, codes, software, photographs, music,videos, sounds, databases, images, expressions and information, as well as anyother creation protected by national laws and international treaties onintellectual and industrial property). 

Access, browsing and use ofthe Website implies acceptance of each and every one of the clauses that makeup the Legal Notice published from time to time, and the User is thereforeinvited to read the Legal Notice carefully from time to time.

 If you do not accept theclauses of this Legal Notice, please refrain from accessing the Website and/orusing the services offered through it. 

This Legal Notice is notintended to regulate any contractual aspects relating to the provision byWALLPIC of its specific services and is limited to being the legal frameworkfor use, registration and access to the Website. WALLPIC may establish specific Terms and Conditions that regulate the use of specific services offered to Users through the Website, such as, for example, making purchases. Beforemaking a purchase, the User must carefully read the corresponding Terms and Conditions [link]. 

1. Access to the Website

Minors are prohibited frompurchasing from its online shop. However, WALLPIC will not verify the accuracy of the data provided, norwill it be held responsible for minors who do not comply with this condition. Full responsibility for determining the specific content and services accessedby minors lies exclusively with the persons of legal age who are in charge ofthem, and WALLPIC therefore recommends that parents, representatives or legal guardians supervise or take the appropriate precautions when minors are surfing the Internet.

Registration or priorsubscription is not compulsory to browse the Website, but it is compulsory tomake a purchase. This provides for a more agile management of both thecustomer's profile and the orders placed. 

The processing of dataprovided during registration will be subject to the Privacy Policy [link]. The registered User's profile will be protected by a password chosen by the User.The User undertakes to keep his/her password secret and to protect it from unauthorised use by third parties. The User must notify WALLPIC immediately ofany unauthorised use of his/her account or any breach of security related tothe Website service of which he/she becomes aware. 

2. Use of the Website

The User undertakes to makelegitimate use of this Website and undertakes not to use it for activitiescontrary to the law, morality and public order. 

In particular, the User shallrefrain from: 

  • Reproducing or copying, distributing, allowing public access through any form of public communication, transforming or modifying the contents, unless authorised by the owner of the corresponding rights or legally permitted; 
  •  Making commercial use or carrying out advertising activities that involve or may involve fraud for the recipient, in particular those carried out by usurping the identity of WALLPIC or WALLPIC in the sending of e-mails or other e-mails that have the appearance of being linked to this Website. 
  • Providing any personal information about yourself or in connection with your use of and access to the Website that is untrue or has been unlawfully obtained.

In this regard, WALLPICreserves the right to interrupt the provision of the information service through this website for those users who contravene the afore mentioned rules and/or guidelines and to immediately and unilaterally terminate the relationship with the user without the User having the right to any claim ofany kind for these actions. Likewise, WALLPIC reserves the right to take appropriate legal action against those who violate the general conditions of use set out in this Legal Notice, the User accepting that the failure to initiate these actions does not constitute a formal waiver of the same, but that they will remain in force during the legal period of limitation of the actions. 

In any case, WALLPIC shall notbe responsible for the opinions expressed by Users through comments or other blogging or participation tools that may exist. 

3. Liability and guarantees 

WALLPIC manages the Websitediligently and endeavours at all times to maintain complete and accurateinformation on all the products it offers, updating it at all times. However,it is possible that, occasionally, there may be some discrepancy between the information offered on this Website and the reality. In any case, WALLPIC shall not be held responsible for such differences and shall be governed at all times by the Terms and Conditions [link] for the sale of products through theWebsite.

WALLPIC undertakes to adopt allappropriate measures to guarantee the correct functioning of the website and toprevent viruses or computer programmes that may cause damage to users. However,WALLPIC accepts no liability for: 

  • the quality of the internet service provider's service, nor the speed of access to the Website, nor any technical, electrical or other problems with the devices used by the user, nor any damage caused to the user's equipment through the use of this Website. 
  •  the continuity and availability of the Website. 
  •  the legality, reliability or accuracy of the content shared by users, of their own free will. 
  •  for the actions, publications or comments that users may make on the Website. 
  • for the bad faith actions of third parties who breach security measures and gain access to messages or use them to spread a computer virus. 

4. Links

Any link or hyperlink or anylink of a similar nature that redirects, from an external page, to our Website without the prior and express consent of WALLPIC is prohibited.

When you access links on theWebsite that redirect you to third-party websites, WALLPIC cannot be held responsible for the content or the measures adopted therein, as these websites are not operated by our company. We remind you that it is your responsibility to review the legal notices and privacy policies of the websites you visit. 

The establishment of any type of link by the Website to another website does not imply that there is any type of relationship, collaboration or dependence between WALLPIC and the party responsible for said website. 

5. Intellectual and IndustrialProperty

The Website incorporatescontent subject to intellectual and industrial property rights, among others,images, photos, videos, brands, graphics, logos, texts, menus and others, theappearance or content of which have been created by or for the owner, WALLPIC.Therefore, their use, transfer, reproduction, distribution, transformation orpublic communication shall require the authorisation of the owner.

In this sense, all thecontents of the Website mentioned in the previous paragraph, as well as thesoftware, combination of colours, structure and selection of sorting criteria are protected by copyright and other industrial property rights and their useor utilisation, without the required authorisation, may lead to legal actionagainst those who reproduce, distribute, transform or communicate all or partof said contents. 

It is possible that thirdparty content may be incorporated into the Website for which WALLPIC has thecorresponding licence or assignment. The reproduction, distribution,transformation or public communication of said contents by third parties shallalso require the authorisation of the owner. 

 6. Applicable law andjurisdiction 

This Legal Notice is governedby Spanish law, without prejudice to the application of any other regulation dictated by the competent authority.Any discrepancy between theUser and WALLPIC regarding the validity and validity of any provision contained therein shall be judicially resolved before the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid.