All the objects in a room tell a story. Your history. Your message. Your brand.

We adapt to the latest trends in interior design and decoration.

At Wallpic, we want to provide you with that little bit of inspiration to help complete the space you need. We want our signature photography to bring that individual, original touch that will make any of your spaces a unique environment.

A photograph gives us both beauty and balance. It plays with the viewer's emotions and creates feelings.

Knowing the specific space, message and user experience you want to convey, we help you find the works and formats that best suit your needs and help enhance the space you desire.

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At WALLPIC we strive to offer excellent print quality. As such, we are committed to using state-of-the-art materials and mounts, as well as state-of-the-art machinery for the production of large-format prints with the best quality on the market, all without neglecting our commitment to the environment.

Digital prints are made by our trusted printing centre based in La Rioja (Reprocenter). Their printing technology, attractive designs and specialised team committed us to collaborating with them from the start, entrusting them with printing WALLPIC´s works.

Their excellent professional work allows us to maintain the high quality of each print while adapting to the needs of each of our customers. For printing on rigid materials, we work with a Nyala 3 UV printer, a maximum quality flatbed printing machine (up to 9 picoliters) and a real resolution of 1080 dpi, with a maximum format of 3200 x 2000 mm. We have CMYK + Light magenta (Lm) + Light cyan (Lc) + Orange (O) inks, with which we achieve a wide gamut in the reproduction of light tones and red/orange ranges. We also have white ink.

For finishes, we have numerical control cutting and milling machinery and a team of highly qualified professionals to carry out handling work. UV LED curing printing does not generate ozone emissions and the inks used are Greenguard Gold certified and do not contain volatile organic compounds.