Santos Olivares

A Spanish portrait and documentary photographer whose is, above all, interested in human beings as both transmitters and receivers of feelings, ideas, thoughts and intentions.

 She trained in photography in Madrid (International School of Photography Photoespaña PIC.A - Photoespaña) and France (Arles), under the photographer Denis Dailleux,

She has held both solo and group exhibitions. Her publications include the photobook "Nature Remedies" and a fanzine "Mujeres de Agua".

She works both in studio and on location, sometimes without intervening in her environment, and sometimes creating scenarios based on an idea. Her portraits, ranging from the more formal to the more experimental, are a testament to her versatility.

From time to time, she returns to still life, in search of a more intimate conversation.  Flowers inspire emotion, purity and fleshiness. They are elements that express sensuality, beauty and fragility. As she contemplates them, she finds peace and calm.

 Her most recent work is centred on nature, in the series "NÁRTICA," in which she seeks to make the beauty of the universe of flowers immortal.