Aluminum Dibond + Acrylic glass

One step beyond Aluminum Dibond, gallery-level print quality!

Laminated printing on Dibond aluminum, light and resistant mount, + 3mm thick methacrylate protective finish.

The result: avant-garde style displays of your favourite works of art on this frameless stand with a finish that enhances brightness and colour intensity to the max.

Floating effect achieved by including frame on the back. Ready to hang!

Technical details

Printing: high resolution direct UV ink jet. Reverse print.

With the inkjet system, the ink is applied directly to the paper through a series of ink heads and there is no contact with the substrate. It is non-impact printing.

The use of the UV LED curing system in printing is a great improvement on inkjet systems. Its advantages: instant print fixation on all types of substrates under UV light, the ability to print on any surface and low energy consumption.

Inks: CMYK + Lm + Lc + O + White

Colorless methacrylate 3 mm white + 1 mm white sheet.

Finish: aluminum rear frame, 22 mm clearance from the wall. Includes hangers on the frame.

Weight: image 3.8 kg/m2 + frame 0.33 Kg/ml