Recomendaciones por estancias - I

Recommendations for each room

Living room and dining room

We can think of myriad ways to decorate a room with a good photograph.

We want to highlight our signature works to the utmost, so the place your photograph is hung should ensure it not only stands out but compliments its surroundings too.

We want your photograph to look great and add a unique touch to your room!

Once you have chosen a spot (above the sofa, over a sideboard, at the entrance to the living room, etc.), you can decide on a size.

Try not to over clutter the wall and remind yourself of the distance at which you will see the photograph. Will you be walking past it or will you be seated in front of it?

Think about your lighting too: is the room well or dimly lit, with direct or indirect light? The Dibond aluminium finish is ideal for more dimly lit rooms, providing a pure and authentic effect which highlights the motifs and the sharpness of colour in the photograph.

Last but not least, think about the style of your room and the mood you want to give it with the type of photograph you choose!


It is your personal corner. For bedrooms we recommend photographs that bring back memories of special moments and make you feel good! You will see this photograph when you wake up and when you go to bed, so choose something that recharges your batteries and makes you happy.


And why not give your kitchen a modern, unique touch with an artistic photograph? A decorative element on the wall really changes the game; and a photograph will brighten up any room.

Always pick a spot on a wall away from the stove and away from water. Here we recommend the Dibond Aluminium finish with Methacrylate for better protection.