¿Cómo montar la composición fotográfica?

How should you arrange pictures on the wall?

Filling a wall with photographs requires several steps:

First, we need to find some inspiration. You can find heaps here...

· Next, we need to arrange the photos on the ground.

· We recommend starting with a large photograph in the centre as the focal point, or main image, and continuing with the composition from there. Try putting the photos in different places until you've found the arrangement that you like the most. Look for symmetry. It's easier and always looks better. Create a square, a rectangle, or a rhombus, starting from the main picture.

· Once you´ve found your ideal arrangement, take a picture of it with your phone so you don't have any problems transferring it to the wall later.

Below you can find a wide variety of examples with different arrangements to help inspire and guide you. You´ll find both large and small groups of photographs to use in different rooms in your house.