¿Cómo decorar tus paredes con una composición de fotografías?

How to decorate your walls with a photo arrangement?

Hanging photos doesn’t have to be a difficult task, although when we set to it, photo decoration can often feel complicated. Doubts start to arise. What photographs do we choose? How do we group them? How do we distribute them for a balanced arrangement and a perfect wall?

To help, we are going to share some ideas and examples of how to decorate your walls with pictures. We’re also going to give you some very practical guidelines to follow.

We’ll show you how to cover walls with images, not only family photos but also paintings, nature photography and differently-themed photographs. Any room benefits from this decoration, so don't be afraid to give it a try. The secret of a well-designed interior is found in the little details. Living rooms, hallways, bedrooms, home offices, dining rooms, all parts of your home will benefit from photos on the walls.